April 26

Used Mercedes-Benz in Brisbane – What to Inspect Before Buying

used mercedes benz car with turned on headlights

For many, buying a Mercedes-Benz is a life goal. Unfortunately, this fleet of undisputed quality and style comes with a high price tag. But because of the undefeated craftsmanship, it’s possible to purchase a used Mercedes still in incredible condition.

By buying the right second-hand car and asking the right question at the dealership, you can save money without sacrificing quality or value. From SUVs and coupes, to sedans and convertibles, there’s a used Mercedes-Benz for all tastes.

It’s easy to get swept up in the moment of finding your dream car. By not asking the right questions or looking in the right places, you might pay a lot more than the asking price, thanks to unexpected repairs. Many buyers opt to work with a reliable car broker before purchasing a used Mercedes-Benz. Having an expert on your side ensures greater security and knowledge when finding the best quality vehicle.

There are certain things you must inspect when buying a used Mercedes. Read on for our top considerations.

Want to Buy a Used Mercedes-Benz in Brisbane? Here’s What to Consider

black and gold AMG engine

1. Engine Condition

Ensuring a used Mercedes has a healthy engine is possibly the most important thing you can do. It will save you time, money and pain in the future. Make sure you request and study the maintenance records to ensure it’s been regularly serviced.

It’s also vital you do your own engine inspections. Remove the oil fill valve cover, look down into the engine and check that the oil on the dipstick is not low or dirty. This is a sure sign the vehicle has not been well cared for.

2. Service History

All legitimate used Mercedes-Benz sellers should be able to provide you with a detailed service history for the vehicle. Make sure this is checked thoroughly. Identify how often it has been serviced and any major issues the vehicle has had. Ensure the repairs were done by a reputable mechanic with high quality parts.

3. Interior & Exterior Aesthetics

When buying a used Mercedes-Benz, making sure it looks good is of course very important. Wear and tear can also indicate that a vehicle that has not been looked after.

Check for any scratches, dints, stains and cracks, both inside and out. Also make sure there is no sign of spotty repair work. Obvious signs of spotty repairs include any sags or runs on the paint.

used mercedes benz car white interior

4. Transmission

Mercedes-Benz transmissions are considered to be some of the best ever made and are rarely in need of a full replacement. However, a full inspection is still vital when buying a used Mercedes. Here are some things to consider:

  • Identify any erratic shifts in the automatic transmission
  • Identify any transmission oil leaks
  • Check for a sloppy or rattling transmission
  • Check for low transmission fluid (this is the most common and inexpensive problem. The car will go into limp mode as soon as a low level is detected)
  • Check for a transmission wire harness 13-pin (O-ring) connector oil leak/contamination
  • Ensure the valve body or conductor plate isn’t defective (located inside the transmission and can be replaced with the transmission still in place)
  • Ensure there isn’t a defective Shifter Module

5. Suspension

As used Mercedes age and accrue mileage, they will begin to lose some of their key handling characteristics. Critical suspension components like the thrust rods, ball joints, wheel bearings and control arm bushings will begin to wear down.

When considering a second-hand Mercedes, take the vehicle for a test drive and listen carefully for any rumbling or creaking noises. If the front of the vehicle vibrates when driving over speed bumps, there may be an issue with the suspension. If this is the case, make sure a qualified mechanic inspects the vehicle before agreeing to any deals.

6. Electrical Issues

Check over the electrics of a used Mercedes to ensure there’s no present or emerging problems. Issues to look for include:

  • Unknown battery drainage
  • Electrical shorts
  • Blown fuses
  • Broken power windows

Electrical modules can be the hardest parts to find and replace on older models, often costing you a lot of money, so make sure these are in good condition.

Buy a Used Mercedes-Benz in Brisbane with the Pros

Buying a second-hand Mercedes is an investment. It makes all the difference having an expert on your side. We are Australia’s most holistic vehicle brokerage service. With many years in the industry, we have the inside knowledge to ensure you find your dream car with the right price tag. Do you need help finding the best used Mercedes in Brisbane? Contact The Vehicle Broker for professional negotiation, detailed research and vehicle sourcing at no additional cost.