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New, used and demo models around Australia. Personal, commercial and fleet car broker services at your disposal.

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Why Australians Choose The Vehicle Broker 

Are you picturing your dream car or just need a reliable vehicle for a good price? Maybe your business needs to upgrade its fleet? You know you need a car, but that’s only the first step in a long and tiring process. When it comes to securing a good price on a car, most people can’t afford the time or money. They don’t know enough about cars and they don’t have the negotiating skills required to haggle down experienced salespeople.
These days you can search online, but there are so many websites and such a wide variety of cars to sift through. This consumes long hours of your spare time and can often leave people feeling disheartened. Because honestly, we all have better things to do than waste our weekends searching online and visiting car yards and private sellers to end up right where we started.

The Vehicle Broker, we’re all about saving your time and money. But most importantly, we’re committed to finding the right car for you at the very best price. We do the research, leg work and negotiations to secure the best deal available. All you have to do is describe what vehicle you need/want, then sit back and relax while we go to work.

Sure, there are other car brokers out there. So why should you choose The Vehicle Broker?

We’re different because we strive towards a win-win relationship with you. We don’t just source the car for you and say goodbye. A lot of car brokers have the ‘one transaction, wham bam thank you ma’am’ approach. Not The Vehicle Broker. As your car broker, we want to look after you and your car for its lifetime and beyond.

We have a holistic approach and keep in touch with you to remind you about servicing your car, we let you know when the warranty ends and even source car accessories when you need them.

When you need a leaky tap fixed or a broker light replaced, you contact an expert and let them get to work without even batting an eyelid, don’t you? So rather than trying to do it on your own, leave it to a car broker from us and be safe in the knowledge that we are there to act for you and are on your side.

The Easiest Car Brokers in Australia

What makes us the best car brokers in Australia? It’s our simple, three-step process to securing your ideal vehicle. 

1 - Describe

Tell us what type of vehicle you would like us to find you.


2 - Relax

While we get to work and find the perfect vehicle for you.


3 - Enjoy

Take delivery of your vehicle & smile every time you drive.

A Car Broker That Works For You

  • Australia's most holistic car broker
  • Building a relationship with you that goes beyond the vehicle sale or purchase
  • New, demo or used cars
  • Personal, commercial or fleet vehicles
  • Quick, easy and painless car broker service
  • Buying and selling brokerage services
  • Simple 3-step plan
Great Service

Best Car Broker Brisbane, Melbourne & The Gold Coast

Looking for a car broker in Brisbane, Melbourne or on the Gold Coast? Employ the services of The Vehicle Broker. We provide a dedicated service throughout the sale or purchase, along with aftermarket concierge services, financing and extended warranty. 

Our Car Broker Services

New, used and demo models around Australia. Personal, commercial and fleet car broker services at your disposal.

1 - Vehicle Sourcing

  • A wide range of vehicles for private, corporate and fleet needs all across Australia.
  • Expert research and negotiation.
  • Best price possible for high-quality vehicles.
  • A car broker service tailored to your needs and budget.

2 - Aftermarket Concierge

We’re a one-stop shop for all your after-sales requirements, including parts and accessories.

This Australia-wide car broker concierge service includes:

  • Logbook Servicing
  • Tyres
  • Tinting
  • Row Bars/Bull Bars/Roof Racks
  • All Aftermarket Accessories
  • And so much more

3 - Finance & Extended Warranty

  • Working with one of Australia’s biggest finance brokerage firms.
  • Access to a full panel of lenders, both bank and non-bank financing.
  • We provide fantastic loan packages to our clients.
  • Extra warranties available to purchase through us for extra peace of mind.
  • Extension of Manufacturer Warranties, Aftermarket Warranties & Roadside Assist options.
  • Australia-wide warranties competitively priced.

Are you ready to sit back and relax whilst we get to work for you?

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