August 18

A Truth About The Vehicle Broker

One Saturday when working for my father’s used car dealership in 2011, I was chatting to a customer who had come to look at a car we had for sale. Our car was number 4 in the list and they had just about had enough and wanted to go home so they could enjoy the weekend with their family. But they had been set the task of buying a second family car and they weren’t to go home without succeeding.

It wasn’t till I took the time to stand their shoes that I realised that not all customers enjoyed the car buying experience. Not everyone knows a lot about cars or knows how to negotiate a good deal for themselves. And it was from that point on that I knew that I wanted to start a business helping people to buy a car.

I had spent 15 years in hospitality and had worked all over the world and had been paid to visit 51 countries whilst working on cruise ships as a food and beverage manager. So I have always enjoyed looking after people. I find pleasure in seeing people happy and satisfied when interacting with them. So it was a natural progression to start my own business that enabled me to interact with people and help them get a good deal.

One thing I hate is seeing people get a bad deal and being ripped off when buying a car. It happens too often and I knew my calling was to help people get the upper hand when buying a car. People often ask me if cars are my passion. Don’t get me wrong, I love cars. But my passion is helping people get a good deal, by saving them time and money

So don’t let yourself be taken advantage of by the salespeople in car yards. The are highly trained at tipping the scales in their favour, not yours. Take action and get in touch with us at The Vehicle Broker and let us do the hard work for you.

You can call us on 1300 00 24 64

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