September 15

Top 3 Myths Of Using a Car Broker

What is a car broker? What do they do & why should you use them?

The brokering business is not a new thing, insurance, mortgage, finance & business brokers have been around for a long time. And even a real estate agent is a broker you use to sell your house. So why then do people think that it’s more costly to use a car broker when buying a car or a bike etc?

Here are the top 3 myths often associated with using a car broker…

They cost more to use than doing it yourself.

A vehicle broker will save you money by negotiating the sale price for you. They are acting on your behalf, not the sellers’. And the good car brokers like The Vehicle Broker, don’t charge you an upfront fee to use their services, they are paid by the supplier. Plus they do this for a living, so know what to do to get you a great deal.

car broker with a clipboard talking to customers

You can’t choose the exact vehicle you want. 

Choice, ultimately it’s yours. A car broker is merely there to communicate your needs and wants to the dealerships. In our case, 3 dealers compete for your business. So with that comes choice, options and decisions. All of which the vehicle broker will help you with. But it’s not just the broker’s favourite dealer with a car that will make them the most money. They are acting for you and have your best interests at heart. So giving you 3 options gives you back the balance of power.

It takes too long for a broker to find your car. 

Day in and day out a good car broker will be talking to dealerships and negotiating on their client’s behalf. So they get to know what’s out there and who in dealership land can deliver on their client’s wishes. Oftentimes a broker will have access, through their network, to vehicles that haven’t even hit the market yet. We have sourced cars for clients within the same day on several occasions.