January 12



We all lead busy lives. Right or wrong?

If you’ve heard of the term outsourcing then you’ll understand how easy it is to leverage other people’s time to get things done.

And if you’ve heard of finance brokers, mortgage brokers and insurance brokers then you already know that industry experts exist to do the hard work for you when these things need doing.

And the best part about using a broker, is they act on your behalf, with your best interest at heart. They are working for you, doing the research, contacting the banks, or the lenders of the insurance companies, whilst you’re relaxing by the pool, or reading a book, or at work earning money, or spending time with your family etc etc.

But here’s a term you may not be familiar with…. Opportunity Cost. Simply it is the loss of other alternatives when one alternative is chosen. And what does it have to do with you, I hear you ask? Well…

Say you spend half a day looking at cars in 3 or 4 different dealerships on a Saturday. Sure you’ve spent time in a good way and have made some headway towards doing the research to buy a new car. But what have you missed out on? Perhaps your child’s swimming lesson, or brekkie with the girls, or doing the grocery shopping at the farmer’s markets, or visiting your sick grandfather in hospital.

That’s what the opportunity cost of trying to buy a car, or bike or boat or SUV yourself is all about. You miss doing what you want to do with family and friends, or on your own. And isn’t that more important to you when you think of it?

And… The bonus is…

Using a broker to do this for you doesn’t just save you time. It saves you money. Because we are experts at negotiating with the dealerships and saving our clients money.

So what are you waiting for, get in touch and let us do the hard work for you.

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