August 25

Saving Time and Money

Picture this if you will… You’re ready to buy a new car and you’ve decided on two different makes and models that interest you. The working week is busy for you, but you just barely find the time to duck out for test drives, to make a final decision about which car suits you better than the other. So now that the scene is set, let me take you on a journey…

You arrive at dealership number one and walk in all excited about going on a test drive and you are introduced to a sales rep and let them know what you’re interested in. They start to talk about the features and benefits of the car, but it’s not the express 3-5 minute version that get’s you in the car for a test drive. It’s the long winded, explain everything about the car version and you can see your window of opportunity to get a test drive quickly slipping away. Trying to be polite and diplomatic you start to hint at a test drive, but your suggestions fall on deaf ears and the explanation about, the dynamic stability control engaging as soon as the ABS kicks, in continues.

Your cheerful mood has now turned to frustration, and your attention span has been surpassed and is now moving to thoughts about how you can get back to work and away from this person. Politely you mention that you have to get back to work, you ask for a business card and quickly exit stage left.

Once back at your desk, you wish you’d been able to have a test drive and wonder what it will take for that to happen. Two hours pass and you get a text message from the sales rep you saw earlier. They thank you for your time and want to know if you’re interested in buying the car. You re-read the message, not believing that you are actually reading such a question, after not even having a test drive. The feeling of your blood pressure rising starts to come over you and you put your mobile phone down and get back to work. Just as the day ends you get another message on your phone, this time asking if you received the first message and your blood truly boils over and your day has officially been ruined.

If this is something that you’ve experienced and didn’t enjoy, or it’s something that you don’t ever want to have to experience, then please get in touch with us at The Vehicle Broker and we will show you how the process of deciding about which car to buy can be a pleasant experience, and one that also saves you time and money.

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