September 8

Pre-Holiday Long Drive Checklist

It’s the September school Holidays and you’re in the car with your family, heading to a destination that’s a few hours drive away. Suddenly the temperature gauge goes all the way to the top and steam starts pouring from the front of your car, as you drive down the highway at 100 kp/h.

If this is a scenario that you don’t want to encounter, then please follow our 5 steps to ensure your long drive to get to and from your family holiday is an enjoyable, not a stressful experience.


1 – Check the tyre pressure of all 5 tyres. Not just the 4 on the road, but the spare too. This can easily be done at a service station, using their air hoses and gauges.


2 – Check the fluids are all topped up and at the levels they should be. This includes the coolant, engine oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid, differential oil and windscreen washer fluid (water).


3 – General Check around the car. Check headlights are working on regular and high beam, brake lights, indicators, number plate lights, windscreen wipers and blades, accessory drive belts aren’t loose, engine bay hoses are fitting and not loose or cracked.


4 – Check that your air conditioning is cold and working well, including on the windscreen to keep it clear if it fogs up on the inside. And check the heater is working too.


5 – Make sure that your car insurance is current and doesn’t expire whilst you’re away.


This list is quite comprehensive, but will make sure you get to your destination and home again without any major dramas.

And if you want to also check out suspension and other more mechanical items on your car before the trip, your mechanic can do that for you, or we can recommend one for you too.

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