January 19

The Perfect Family Car

How To Find The Perfect Family Car.

One Saturday morning John & Mary went shopping for a car with their 2 kids in tow. They spent half the day, from 9am to 1pm, walking between 6-7 car yards searching for a new family car. As a result, they wasted 4 hours of their weekend wandering aimlessly. If only they had a checklist to refer to before they had started.

What they experienced is not a rare occurrence. In fact, it is very common for families to search for a new or next car without having any measure of success on the first attempt. People buy based on emotion and past experiences, and this often leads them down the wrong or conflicting paths. And when not made aware of the fact that it’s happening, the result can be many weekends spent frustrated whilst hoping “the perfect” car suddenly appears.

Below you will learn the 6 most important steps to follow when you want to buy a family car, that’s perfect for your needs.

What Will It Be Used For

Will your family car only be used for family outings, or will it also be used as mum or dad’s daily driver? Or perhaps mum runs her own business and will use it to go and visit clients. Or maybe dad will also want to go to Bunnings on the weekends and will need space for stuff. And don’t forget to consider that you may want to tow a trailer or caravan in the future too.

How Many In The Family – Now & The Future

Is your family still growing, or do you already have 3 children and have decided to stop there? If there is a chance that the family will grow, or that your children’s friends may join you on trips to the theme parks, then you may need to allow for more seats than you currently need.

Km Driven Per Year

How many kilometres do you plan to travel each week/month/year? Your answer can have a large bearing on the engine size, power and fuel type that will suit you best. Without going into specifics, the type of driving and the mileage you aim to travel can affect your fuel consumption and choice of engine.

Interior Space – Inc Boot/Luggage Space

Do you travel with lots of extra bags, sports equipment or pets? These can all weigh your vehicle down and limit the space left for your family to sit comfortably. So, make a list and be sure to take it into consideration when making a decision.

Blind Spots & Ease of Driving

Can you easily see your surroundings when driving, are you mirrors helping you see the blind spots and is the car/SUV/van/wagon easy to drive? When test driving, take the time to consider these points so that you can make an informed decision and not make a rushed choice that you may regret afterward.

Comfortable Seats

As a family, you may spend hours in the vehicle, so you have to be comfortable, at the best of times, let alone the times when your children may not be behaving themselves. So make sure you test the seats for comfort, stability and good driving position too.

So, imagine how much easier the task to purchase their new car would have been if they’d had the above list to refer to? Now you can go ahead and use this list and enjoy the experience when next you need to buy a family car that suits you perfectly! Or, if you just don’t have the time or inclination to do it yourself, then please get in touch and let us do it for you, at no extra cost to you.

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