September 1

I’m Not Passionate About Cars

People often ask me when we first meet, “Are cars your passion?” And honestly, they aren’t! Now I hear you saying to yourself, “How can he say that?” Well let me explain and I think you’ll be happy with my explanation. I hope so anyway.

My father has been a car dealer for as long as I can remember. And I grew up hanging out with him and his staff on a Saturday at his car yard. So the car dealer persona is engrained in my blood. But from as long as I can remember, it wasn’t the cars that excited me. Sure cars are fun to drive and I am a boy at heart, so I don’t hate cars, cause I’ve been around them my whole life. But it had always been listening to the wheeling and dealing and seeing people drive off in a nice car with a smile on their face that caught my attention.

I often wondered why I didn’t want to work for my dad from a young age, and it has dawned on me that it is because, I have a strong desire to serve people. Hospitality is the industry that captured my heart straight out of school. And that’s because I am a foodie and also love a nice drink to compliment my meal. So working in the industry that surrounded me with both of those strong loves made sense. And for 15 years that’s what I did. But it’s not been till recent years that my true passion for serving people became evident.

Having always been able to relate to different types of people whilst working in hospitality, has proven that it is people and seeing them happy that really drives me and keeps the fire burning in my belly. (The small food pun is intended. Sorry. Hehe). So it now makes sense that whilst working for my father for 4 years selling cars for him, my true passion was wanting to ensure they weren’t being ripped off. It happens too often in many industries, but especially the motor industry.

I was never the best employee. Don’t get me wrong, I always did what was required of me, but, I think I was always meant to own my own business. So, to now run one that involves my long affiliation with cars, serving people and being my own boss, makes my feel satisfied that I am where I am meant to be, doing what I am meant to be doing.

And it is a truly satisfying experience.

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