September 22

Car Broker vs Private Seller (Car Broker Australia)

  1. Why should you use a car broker and not buy a car from a private seller?
  2. Won’t you save money by not buying from a dealer?
  3. Can’t you do it better than a broker?

These are interesting questions and are often asked of us when we’re out and about…

1. A private seller has their best interests in mind and doesn’t have to provide you with a warranty. So once you buy a car from them, it’s yours with no come backs.

But if you use a broker, like us, you have the protection of a state government statutory warranty and you’re even protected by ACL (Australian Consumer Law).

So it’s in our best interests to ensure the car is in tip top shape so that you have safe and happy motoring when buying through us.


2. Most car dealers have profit in mind. They have to rent premises, insure their stock on hand, advertise on carsales, gumtree, carsguide etc and make their owners good money.

So, even though we are a fully licenced dealership, we don’t hold stock, don’t have big premises, don’t pay for advertising lots of cars and work on volume to make money, not large gross profit on each car.

Therefore, we don’t have large overheads to maintain before getting to work to save you money.


3. If you’re a great negotiator, then you may have a good chance of finding yourself a great deal. But wouldn’t you rather spend your weekends and/or down time with family and friends, not searching for “deals” on the internet or in car yards?

We do this day in, day out and love looking after our clients, so our motivation is rooted in providing a great service for our clients, and seeing a big smile on their face when they drive away into the sunset.

Sure that sounds romantic and sales pitchy, but it’s how we operate, as we don’t get paid if we don’t perform. We’re not on a retainer from our clients, so if we don’t perform we don’t get paid. That in itself is great motivation!

And clients wouldn’t use our services if we didn’t perform and get them a great deal in the first place.

So when you’re ready please get in touch and let us do the hard work for you, so you can sip a pina colada by the pool as we find you a great deal.

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