September 29

Which Car – The Almost Endless Choice

It’s time to buy a car…

Whether it’s brand new, a demonstrator, or previously been loved by someone, the choices are almost endless.

How do you know what you should buy? Let alone know what colour, transmission, drive type, fuel type or accessories you should add or hope to have included.

What process do you go through to narrow down the options? There must be a list available to help you make a decision.

Who do you turn to for advice? They need to be honest, unbiased & act in your best interests.

When is the best time to ask for the best deal? You have to know the ins & outs of dealership speak and know how to play them at their own game.

Where do you go to find the right car? They exist online, in car yards and franchised dealerships, as well as in people’s backyards.


Once you’ve answered each of these questions, will you be in a position to make a more informed decision? And how will you know if there is a better deal somewhere out there?

Thankfully you can seek the advice and services of a car broker.

Think of them as a buyer’s’ agent.

Someone who gets to know exactly what it is you want and then goes out and does the legwork, research and negotiations on your behalf.

They let you enjoy your weekends, and give you back the time to enjoy it with your family and friends.

Now don’t be shy, we won’t bite. In fact we not only save you time, but also money, as we get our clients fleet discounts and ask the right questions to get access to stock that most retail customers may not have a chance to buy.

Please do get in touch, as we’d love the opportunity to act on your behalf.

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