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Below is a list of questions that have been asked by past clients!
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Can you arrange finance for me?

Yes we can! And we beat the banks!

We contract out to one of Australia’s best brokerage firms.

They write a lot of business and are therefore able to offer great loan packages for our clients.

Can you do multiple vehicle or fleet purchases?

We can assist you with any number of vehicle purchases.

Whether 1 at a time or 5, 10, 20 at a time.

The service we provide is dictated by your requirements and timeline.

We are here to serve and will do a much or as little as you require.

Can you find vehicles that are interstate?

We source vehicles for clients from all over Australia.

From a ute in Perth for a Brisbane Client, to a hatchback in Brisbane for a Melbourne client.

No matter where you are located, or where the perfect vehicle for you is located, we can make it happen, with no fuss and as quick as is possible.

Can you fulfil my needs and budget?

We like to drill down and ask the pointy question and understand fully what your needs and wants are, as well as understanding the range of your minimum and maximum budget.

That way we know that we can act on your behalf in a confident manner and use our resources to find the perfect vehicle for you.

We have found over the years, that a little extra time and effort at the beginning of the process, goes a long way to ensuring we exceed your expectations and make the process easy for you.

How do your fees work?

Our service is free.

We do not charge you for the work that we do for you!

When sourcing brand new or demonstrator vehicles for our clients, we are paid a brokerage fee by the dealership that supplies the vehicle.

If the vehicle is pre-owned and we sell it to you, then our margin is in the retail price.

Or if we source a used vehicle for you and it’s at a dealership, then similarly we are paid a brokerage fee by the dealership that supplies the vehicle

How long will it take for you to get my car?

If we are sourcing you a brand new car, or a demonstrator, or used vehicle that is in stock and therefore available to be sold straight away, then it can be as quick as the same day.

Or, if the vehicle is in Australia, but not in your city, then it can take a week or two.

However, if it has to be ordered and built for you, then it can take a few months.

I would like to organise a test drive before I make a decision but am finding it difficult to find the time, can you help?

A test drive of a brand new, demo and used vehicles can be arranged at your earliest convenience.

We work closely with many new car franchises, and independent dealerships who are happy for you to test drive their vehicles.

We can even arrange to bring the car to you during business hours Monday to Friday.

Why should I use your services instead of searching the internet myself?

We have years of negotiating experience and using our services is a clever form of outsourcing.

The network of dealers we use across Australia helps us find you the perfect vehicle at the best possible price.

By using us you get to have your life back and not have to deal with car yards on your own, or at all if you don’t want to.

Will my car be just adequately roadworthy or provide a hassle free motoring experience?

All pre-loved or used vehicles that we source for our clients have through pre-purchase inspections performed on them prior to purchase.

We are here to make the process easy and pain free, so we recommend you authorise us to arrange for the inspection and know that the vehicle is 100% suitable, before purchasing, and not find out afterwards that something was missed along the line.