March 29

When Is the Best Time to Buy a Car in Australia?

The best time to buy a car in Australia is determined by several aspects, from the growing or decreasing demand to the need to replace old models with newer ones. 


In general, the end of the month, of the season and of the year are considered ideal moments to buy a car. Most dealers are trying to clear stocks of older models, boost their revenue and end the financial year with a healthy profit.


However, if you are wanting to buy a car and secure a great deal, you should consider hiring a car broker.


There are many reasons why this is possibly the best time to buy a car, including:


  1. You Can Enjoy Heavily Discounted Deals at End of Year Sales


What happens if your year-end sales figures aren’t as healthy as a company’s projected analysis? You have to offer an extra discount to clear the showroom floor. 


Dealerships do not want to keep their money blocked in unsold vehicles from one year to another.


For this reason, whether you are looking for a used car or a new one, you can get great price discounts or many valuable add-ons offered for free!


  1. pre-owned carDealers Are Eager to Get Rid of Excess Stock


The beginning of the year is when new models start to arrive in dealerships. This means that they need space to showcase them and push for high-value sales.


This also means that dealers are very eager to sell older models as quickly as possible. 


If you’re great at negotiating, this could be your time to wrestle a great deal for your ideal car. Don’t get greedy, though! 


  1. There Is a Lull in Customers after End of Year Sales


One important aspect that determines the average price of any product is demand. 


When a lot of people are looking for a specific item, its price will go up, because customers will compete for it.


However, after the Christmas and New Year shopping marathons, most people are not either willing or able to buy a car. It’s a big investment, and they are still licking their financial wounds from the silly season. 


Faced with dwindling demand, dealers become more willing to cut back their margin just to have a reasonable number of sales, and you could secure a bargain.


Now you know the best time to buy a car in Australia from a dealership. However, if you’re wanting to avoid the hassle, haggle, and secure a great deal all year round, let us save you time and money! We can look for your perfect car and negotiate the best deal for it at The Vehicle Broker


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