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What is a Car Broker & How Can They Help You?

What is a Car Broker & How Can They Help You

Whether you’re in the market for a zippy i30 or a brawny Hilux, purchasing a new car is always a big decision. There’s red tape to navigate, car dealerships to prowl and test drives to be undertaken. Not to mention slick, sales-oriented dealers to contend with.

Cue car brokers. Car brokering is a service designed with you, the buyer, in mind. It helps you easily navigate the car buying process. The best car brokers are those who work closely with buyers to source models that fit their specific needs, wants and budgets.

What does a car broker do?

A car broker essentially helps car buyers navigate every step of the buying process. From the point of deciding on the right car, to finding the car, securing the finance and driving away. Here’s an overview of the main services offered by the best car brokers in Australia:

  • Source suitable cars from dealerships across Australia
  • Negotiate the lowest possible price
  • Conduct pre-sale inspections
  • Arrange test drives
  • Arrange competitive financing
  • Transport cars interstate

As well as providing this service to private buyers, car brokers are a savvy resource for commercial and fleet customers. Want to know more about car brokers? Keep reading as we cover the most common questions about car brokers and how they can help you.

What is a Car Broker & How Can They Help You

Do car brokers save you money?

Car brokers can absolutely save you money. Here are three reasons why:

1. No buyer fees

With no buyer fees, there’s nothing to lose when you enlist the help of a vehicle broker. Instead, fees are passed onto the dealer, which means you drive away with more cash in your pocket.

2. Strong negotiation techniques

Car brokers will also save you cash with their expert negotiation processes. They know all the tricks and strategies needed to outmanoeuvre dealers and secure the absolute best price for you. These savings are also passed directly on to you, the customer.

3. Competitive financing deals

Another area car brokers in Queensland can save you money is with finance. They have access to a full panel of lenders, including banks and private creditors. Because of this, car brokers offer very competitive finance deals.

Is it worth using a car broker?

With platforms like Carsales and Gumtree available, many people wonder if it’s worth using a car broker. The answer is a resounding yes. Vehicle brokers are experts in the business of sourcing cars and negotiating prices.

For buyers, using a car broker is a clever form of outsourcing that allows you to minimise your visits to car yards, find the perfect vehicle and negotiate the best possible price. You barely need to lift a finger. In fact, you do less work than browsing Gumtree or Carsales.

What is a Car Broker & How Can They Help You

Here are some more reasons why people love using car brokers:

1. Car brokers offer a stress-free experience

For many people, the stress-free experience provided by car brokers is the most valuable benefit. Vehicle sourcing is one of the key services offered by car brokers. Teams carefully profile buyers before searching. This information is then used to source vehicles that match your unique needs and budget.

As well as searching in dealerships across Australia, vehicle brokers also have access to cars that haven’t even hit the market yet. This gives you some serious edge over independent buyers.

2. Unlock big savings with a car broker

Other people are more interested in the financial savings offered by a vehicle broker. Car brokers are fierce negotiators. They have the insight and experience to push dealers as low as possible. They also know a lot of dealers who pass on great deals.

In most cases, car brokers can unlock prices that simply aren’t available to private buyers. This is one of the top reasons to use a car broker in Brisbane or anywhere in Australia.

3. The best car brokers offer aftermarket accessories

Purchasing a vehicle with a car broker doesn’t end at the dealership. The best car brokers offer excellent aftermarket concierge services covering areas like logbook servicing, roof racks and accessories. This streamlines your car purchase experience and makes the process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

4. Insurance and extended warranties with a car broker

Want even more from your car dealer? A car broker can help arrange competitive insurance packages, as well as extended manufacturer and aftermarket warranties for total peace of mind.

Who pays car broker fees?

When you purchase a car with a vehicle broker you pay zero fees. Instead, any commissions are passed directly onto the dealer. Here’s a little more info on the process:

  • If you’re buying a brand new or demo vehicle, the broker receives a fee from the dealership.
  • If the vehicle is preowned, the car is resold to you with a small margin. Strong negotiation skills mean even with the margin added, you’ll still be paying less than if you negotiated the purchase yourself.
  • If the vehicle is purchased from a dealership, the car broker will negotiate a price and charge a fee to the dealership.

How to find a car broker

If you need a car broker to help you get the best possible deal for your new car, contact The Vehicle Broker. We offer a premium and free brokerage service, including professional negotiation, detailed research, tailored financing and vehicle sourcing.