April 28

How Car Brokers Save You Money

car broker working with a customer

Car brokers, or vehicle brokers, are professional car buying agents that can help you source, finance, purchase and insure your new or second-hand car. They often have a background working for car dealers. Because of this, they know the local industry and have valuable contacts. This can help you secure a vehicle for a great price and package. Car brokers also provide years of experience and know-how in the auto industry.

Vehicle brokers can help with both private and business purchases. They also aren’t limited to second-hand vehicles. They can assist you in finding brand new, second hand and leased options.

Questions buyers commonly ask are “is it worth using a car broker?” and “do car brokers save you money?”. The short answer is, yes! Read on to discover why.

Do Car Brokers Save You Money?

Yes. Using a car broker means you have an expert on your side. This helps you secure a great price for a quality vehicle. A common misconception is that car brokers charge you extra fees. At The Vehicle Broker, our service is free. We do not charge you for any work we do in helping you find your new car.

At The Vehicle Broker, our payment comes from either the dealership or the retail fee. When sourcing brand new or demonstrator vehicles for our clients, we are paid a brokerage fee by the dealership that supplies the vehicle. If the vehicle is pre-owned and we sell it to you, then our margin is in the retail price. Or if we source a used vehicle for you and it’s at a dealership, we are again paid a brokerage fee by the dealership. More importantly, it doesn’t come from you!

How Do Car Brokers Work?

Many car brokers are former salespeople and dealership managers. As such, they know how the process works and have expert insight into dealerships, financing and buying. They know how to negotiate the best deals, as they know how much money the seller will be making from dealership rebates and manufacturer incentives. They can also easily identify if an asking price is higher than the market value. Using a vehicle broker means you won’t have to negotiate a deal and possibly spend more money than necessary.

handing out a car key

4 More Reasons Why It’s Worth Using a Car Broker 

1. Aftermarket Concierge

When you purchase a vehicle with us at The Vehicle Broker, our service doesn’t end when you pick up the keys. As Australia’s most holistic car broker, we’re available for all your post-purchase needs, including:

  • Logbook Servicing
  • Tyres & Wheels
  • Tint
  • Tow Bars/Bull Bars/Roof Racks
  • All Aftermarket Accessories

We have connections with suppliers across Australia, meaning we can help you wherever you are. By engaging a car broker with a dedication to holistic service, you ensure your vehicle is always in the best hands.

2. Extended Warranty Sourcing

When thinking “should I use a car broker?”, one thing to consider is that a vehicle broker can help you to find a great extended warranty, so you’ll have peace of mind for longer.

There are two types of extended warranties:

  1. Extension to Manufacturer Warranties for New & Used Vehicles (up to five years old) that provide cover up to the market value of the vehicle.
  2. Aftermarket Warranties for Used Vehicles (up to 15 years old) that provide different levels of cover to suit your vehicle.

3. Financing

A good car broker has years of experience in the field and great connections with a wide range of both bank and non-bank lenders. This means they can source a competitive loan package, regardless of if you’re a private or business customer.

4. Car Brokers Help with Research & Negotiating

A car broker will listen to what you’re looking for, ask the right questions, and then spend hours researching and negotiating for you. You need only sit back and wait for your vehicle broker to find you the perfect car and secure the best price. This saves you time, stress and money.

car broker helping a client test a car

Save Money & Time with The Vehicle Broker

Should you use a car broker? Well, that all depends on your knowledge of the industry and how much time you have. Your situation and reasons will help you determine whether you need to use a car broker or not.

Here at The Vehicle Broker, we believe that buying a car should not be costly, unpleasant, or a chore. Many of our clients appreciate the holistic service that we do. If you want to save time and money and enjoy the services of an expert on your next car purchase, a car broker is a right option for you. 

Want to find your dream car for less? Contact The Vehicle Broker for professional negotiation, detailed research and vehicle sourcing at no additional cost.