April 2

Don’t Worry Be Happy… On Long Drives!

Driving long distance can be taxing. It’s long periods of concentration, occasional annoyances from traffic or other drivers on the road and possibly annoyances from inside the car. Kids or no kids, you need to be pretty patient to drive long distances. So here are 3 ways to stay happy when you’re driving miss daisy!


  1. Plan ahead. It seems simple, but we really mean in depth planning. Do some research on rest stops along the way. If you have kids, see what kind of attractions are in town, or even for the adults something to take your mind off the dotted white lines in the middle of the road. If you pull over on the side of the road to make good time, you’re likely to jump back in the car without having a proper rest because you’re bored.


  1. Download your areas traffic smartphone app. Yes there’s such a thing! Most states now have an app or you can visit their website. Get your co-driver to keep an eye on it, or check it at your rest stops. This will help you to bypass frustration with ease.


  1. Snack healthy and often. A lot of the food options en route aren’t the healthiest. While it seems easy it can add up along the way. The best way to eat when your on the road is small things often and plenty of water. Pack a cooler bag with wraps, nuts, and fruit (and water!) and put it into the car last. That way, if it’s a long way between drinks (so to speak) on the road, you’ll be alert!


Our bonus tip – Music!! Nothing beats a good old fashioned sing along and it can help you to remain alert. Perhaps it’s flicking through some tunes you haven’t listened to on your iPod in a while or digging out some CD’s. Some of our fondest memories in the car are singing to the classics – Dr Hook, Abba and Les Miserables (don’t judge us) – you’ll be creating memories for you and your kids, as you go. What tunes do you like to play when driving long distance?

If you have more tips we’d love to hear them, so please comment below or send us an email. Drive Safely!

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