April 16

6 Questions You Should Ask Yourself When Choosing A Car

Buying a new car can be very exciting! But it can also be overwhelming with the amount of choice on offer in the market: makes, models and variants and that’s before you get to colours, interiors, extras – everything! So to help you narrow your search, here’s 6 things you should consider.

1. Is the car primarily for city or country driving? Different cars will handle conditions differently. If you’re really just roaming around the city a small car with a small turning circle is perfect. If you’re out on the open road, you should consider a larger car that will handle rough terrain more efficiently. And if you’re on the highway a lot, you need a reliable vehicle that won’t see you broken down out of reach.


2. What size should I get and how many doors should it have? These aren’t rocket science, it’s all about practicality. If it’s just you, a little hatchback will do the trick. If you have a family, a sedan with 4 doors and a roomy boot will make life easy for you. Add a dog into the mix and a lot of long distance driving, an SUV will be the perfect fit.


3. Does fuel type make a difference? 15 years ago, a standard car running on diesel would have been unheard of. The advancements in fuel, the efficiency of vehicles and the changing oil climate has turned that on its head. Petrol is the most readily-available fuel, which is why most cars run on it, however, with limited oil reserves prices will only increase. Diesel is far more efficient (30% in fact!) and will now give you as good a drive as a petrol car, although it does give off particle matter emissions. LPG also is more efficient (in the 10 – 15% region) though an LPG car can be far more expensive than standard cars. And there is always going green! More fuel efficient and better for the environment and the car prices are becoming comparable to regular models.


4. What ongoing costs should I plan for? Owning a car can be quite expensive, so the things you need to consider to keep your car on the road are: fuel, tyres, servicing and repairs. Each make and model will vary on the ongoing costs, so do some research into the service schedule, servicing offers and tyre costs, before you buy the car.


5. What safety features should I get? All of them! Or at least as many as you can afford. The Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) offer a safety rating on all new cars and you should get the safest you can afford in your car category – with the rating it’s easy to compare.


6. How much should I be paying? There is so much information online now that you can have a great ballpark figure on what you should pay for a car before you even look at it, both new and second hand. So do the research before you go.


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