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Practical Tips For Bargaining When Buying A New Car

Tim went to a well known European car dealership and started to look around at what was on the showroom floor. He was approached by a well-dressed salesperson who promptly began to rattle off the features of the car he was standing next to. His needs and wants weren’t taking into consideration, nor was he given much of a chance to speak before he was sat down at a desk and being “sold to”.

This is a common theme inside most dealerships and as people buy based on emotions, often they are signing on the dotted line before they even realise it. So to help you avoid this problem in the future we have listed 4 practical tips below.

The Perfect Family Car

One Saturday morning John & Mary went shopping for a car with their 2 kids in toe. They spent half the day, from 9am to 1pm, walking between 6-7 car yards searching for a new family car. As a result they wasted 4 hours of their weekend wandering aimlessly. If only they had a checklist to refer to before they had started.

What they experienced is not a rare occurrence, in fact it is very common for families to search for a new, or next car, without having any measure of success on the first attempt. People buy based on emotion and past experiences, and this often leads them down the wrong or conflicting paths. And when not made aware of the fact that it’s happening, the result can be many weekends spent frustrated whilst hoping “the perfect” car suddenly appears.

Below you will learn the 6 most important steps to follow when you want to buy a family car, that’s perfect for your needs.



We all lead busy lives. Right or wrong?

If you’ve heard of the term outsourcing then you’ll understand how easy it is to leverage other people’s time to get things done.

And if you’ve heard of finance brokers, mortgage brokers and insurance brokers then you already know that industry experts exist to do the hard work for you when these things need doing.

And the best part about using a broker, is they act on your behalf, with your best interest at heart. They are working for you, doing the research, contacting the banks, or the lenders of the insurance companies, whilst you’re relaxing by the pool, or reading a book, or at work earning money, or spending time with your family etc etc.

What To Look For When Inspecting A Used Car

What to look for when inspecting a used car...

You can do most of the work yourself when inspecting a used car before making a decision to purchase.

The main thing to remember is that it’s your hard earned money, so you and only you get to choose how to spend it. So don’t feel intimidated to buy just because a seller tells you that it’s a great car and has given them no troubles.

Which Car – The Almost Endless Choice

It’s time to buy a car…

Whether it’s brand new, a demonstrator, or previously been loved by someone, the choices are almost endless.

How do you know what you should buy? Let alone know what colour, transmission, drive type, fuel type or accessories you should add or hope to have included.

What process do you go through to narrow down the options? There must be a list available to help you make a decision.

Who do you turn to for advice? They need to be honest, unbiased & act in your best interests.

When is the best time to ask for the best deal? You have to know the ins & outs of dealership speak and know how to play them at their own game.

Where do you go to find the right car? They exist online, in car yards and franchised dealerships, as well as in people’s backyards.

Top 3 Myths Of Using a Car Broker

Brokers… Who are they, what do they do & why should you use them?

The brokering business is not a new thing, insurance, mortgage, finance & business brokers have been around for a long time. And even a real estate agent is a broker you use to sell your house. So why then do people think that it’s more costly to use a broker when buying a car or a bike etc?

Here are the top 3 myths often associated with using a car broker...

Pre-Holiday Long Drive Checklist

It’s the September school Holidays and you’re in the car with your family, heading to a destination that’s a few hours drive away. Suddenly the temperature gauge goes all the way to the top and steam starts pouring from the front of your car, as you drive down the highway at 100 kp/h.

If this is a scenario that you don’t want to encounter, then please follow our 5 steps to ensure your long drive to get to and from your family holiday is an enjoyable, not a stressful experience.

I’m Not Passionate About Cars

People often ask me when we first meet, “Are cars your passion?” And honestly, they aren’t! Now I hear you saying to yourself, “How can he say that?” Well let me explain and I think you’ll be happy with my explanation. I hope so anyway.

My father has been a car dealer for as long as I can remember. And I grew up hanging out with him and his staff on a Saturday at his car yard. So the car dealer persona is engrained in my blood.

Saving Time and Money

Picture this if you will… You’re ready to buy a new car and you’ve decided on two different makes and models that interest you. The working week is busy for you, but you just barely find the time to duck out for test drives, to make a final decision about which car suits you better than the other. So now that the scene is set, let me take you on a journey…

You arrive at dealership number one and walk in all excited about going on a test drive and you are introduced to a sales rep and let them know what you’re interested in.