May 10

Is an SUV a Good First Car to Buy in Australia?


Have you just started looking for your first car? You might be wondering, is an SUV a good first car for me? Sure, SUVs are spacious and they offer you great safety and driving control, but many drivers also consider them fuel guzzlers.


In fact, SUVs have become some of the most fuel-efficient cars on the market. For this, and several other reasons we will share in this article, SUVs are the most popular car model in Australia. And you are not the only one looking at SUV cars for sale: over 600,000 Australians are also determined to buy an SUV in the next two to three years.


5 Reasons to Buy an SUV in Australia

Now it’s time to answer your question: is an SUV a good first car? The short answer is yes! For the following reasons:


1. You have more storage space


Remember when you had to think very carefully about what to pack for holidays because there wasn’t enough space in the boot? That won’t be a problem anymore after you find great SUV car for sale. These vehicles have ample storage for sporting and camping equipment, hefty groceries, tools and work supplies, and various other items.


2. SUVs are efficient on petrol


SUVs now have some of the best fuel efficiencies on the market. They’re very popular with families and those wanting to embark on long road trips. As such, companies have invested in research and development to make them more budget-friendly on fuel. So although SUVs appear bigger than other vehicles, they don’t necessarily need more fuel to drive the same distance.


3. You can drive SUVs in the city and off-road


Is an SUV a good first car? If you’re looking for versatility and accessibility to city streets, country roads and even dirt trails, the answer is a definite yes. SUVs are designed to handle multiple terrains without compromising on safety, control or an enjoyable driving experience

Couple watching sunset outside the SUV

4. You have better visibility


Many cars, motorcycle and bicycle accidents happen because the driver has poor visibility. Blind spots may prevent you from seeing an approaching bicyclist, motorcyclist or even another car. Since SUVs give the driver a higher sitting position, your field of vision is much larger. For this reason, SUVs are considered some of the safest cars on the road.


5. Good towing capability


Towing a trailer, boat, jetski, motorbikes or caravan is pretty commonplace in Australia. One of the best things about an SUV is its towing capability. These vehicles are often fitted out with powerful engines that allow them to tow heavy loads with ease.


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