April 28

Best Way to Sell Your Car for a Good Price

Are you ready for a new car? Or do you feel that the old one no longer meets your needs? Then you need to know about the best way to sell your car. 

If you’ve taken proper care of it, it still has some residual value, and you deserve to get the best price for it! Securing a good sale price will cover a significant part of the cost of a new car, and will go a long way in helping your budget.

Most people will simply post an ad in the local paper or on the internet, and wait for the phone to ring. In the digital age, things are done differently. 

Let us help you discover the best way to sell your car, even if this is your first time.


First Thing to Know: Do Not Trade-In Your Car

Many people who are ready to upgrade their cars believe that the simplest way of selling their old car is offering it to a dealership as a trade-in. While this may be the simplest and shortest way, it is not the best way to sell your car.

Dealers tend to signicantly undervalue cars, meaning you will get only a fraction of its actual value. 

Even if you have no experience in selling a car, you should be able to get a better price on your own.


Step One: Check Your Car for Defects

When a prospective buyer comes to see your car for sale, they will probably bring a mechanic to look at the engine and main systems. Thus, if your car has any technical problems, you should already know about them.

Now, you have two options. The best way to sell your car is to fix these issues (unless they turn out to be very expensive) and get a higher price for the vehicle. Otherwise, disclose these issues to a potential buyser and prepare for a stiff negotiation on the price.


sell your carStep Two: Set a Realistic Asking Price

How much is your car worth? 

You may be tempted to overprice it – but this will get you nowhere. The best way to sell your car is determine the fair market value of your vehicle. You can check specialised websites for selling used cars and identify cars of a similar make and model, and of the same age.

After looking at 5 to 6 different offers for similar cars, you will be able to determine a reasonable price for yours.


Step Three: Take Photos of Your Car

Take your car to the car wash and then take lots of photos of it, both inside and out. At present, a car sale ad will not get one click if it does not have photos. 

If you have a friend or family member who is passionate about photography, ask them to help you with the car photos.


Step Four: Write a Descriptive and Catchy Car Sale Ad

You don’t have to be a writer to create an engaging ad to sell your car. Think of the main perks of your car (good mileage, spacious interior, leather seats, roomy boot for luggage, etc. Give a few technical details such as kilometres driven, engine capacity and type of fuel.

Be honest and do not exaggerate the qualities and features of your car. The average buyer knows what they can expect from a used car, and they’ve probably also done their research.


Step Five: Screen Prospective Buyers

You should be careful about scheduling a viewing and test drive for your car. 

Never bring prospective buyers to your home. 

Set all appointments during the day in busy public places. And, before you accept a meeting, ask openly how the buyer proposes to pay for the vehicle. Do they have the money ready or are taking out a loan. It is your right to ask, and any attempt to evade the answer should be a red flag.


The Simple and Safe Alternative: Sell Your Car to a Vehicle Broker

The best way to sell your car is taking it to a reliable car broker. You will get a fair evaluation of the residual value of your car. And, walk away with the money, completely hassle free.

You won’t have to waste time with test drives and meeting people that may not finalise in a sale. 

Your time is valuable and a vehicle broker will respect it, while ensuring that you get a good price for your old car.